It all began in 1271. The same year that a young Marco Polo was setting out on his travels across Asia to the court of Kublai Kahn, and the last Medieval crusade set sail to the Holy Land…

Meanwhile, here in Zennor, at the far western tip of Cornwall, a band of stone masons were in town. The Tinners was built to house the masons, providing a place to rest their bones after an honest day’s labour as they worked on St Senara’s church. So the story goes. We’ve been providing a warm welcome to locals, visitors, intrepid travellers, hardy walkers, and those simply seeking refuge from the modern pace of life ever since.

Over the centuries, generations of stone masons, miners, farmers, and fishermen have settled in at the end of a shift to enjoy a pint by the fire. Our name comes from the tinners who long worked the land here. The history of mining and tin streaming in Cornwall stretches back to prehistoric times (long before Ross and Demelza Poldark were a twinkle in Winston Graham’s eye). The mine stacks you’ll see dotted along the cliffs today are reminders of what was once a burgeoning Cornish industry.

Musicians, poets, artists, writers and wanderers, too, have been drawn by the wildness and romance of this remote pocket of the far west. D H Lawrence lived here with his wife for a time (it’s rumoured he stayed at the pub for a fortnight in 1916). He declared Zennor “the best place I have been”. Many more have fallen under the spell of the local area.

The tale of the Mermaid of Zennor, who lured local fisherman Mathey Trewella to live with her beneath the waves, continues to capture imaginations, inspiring ballads, poems, songs and stories. And no trip to Zennor is complete without a visit to the mermaid in St Senara’s church.

Today, we’re still the only pub in Zennor. We’ve been at the heart of village life for over 700 years. With roaring open log fires, low-beamed ceilings and thick granite walls, you’ll find little has changed here over the centuries. You’ll still find a warm welcome, a decent meal and a pint awaiting. There’s even a bed for the night at our White House Bed and Breakfast, right next door to the pub.

Welcome to The Tinners, pull up a chair by the fire and settle in…

Telephone: 01736 796927  /  Email: enquiries@tinnersarms.co.uk   Address: Zennor, Saint Ives, Cornwall, TR26 3BY

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